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Data Quality Step 1 - Defining The Data

To manage data quality and to clean up bad data, clear criteria are needed. For each data element there must be a specification of its meaning, valid value range and format requirements. And the relationships and dependencies between data elements must be clear.

These definitions become the foundations for the following steps, data cleansing and keeping the data clean.

What I Can Do

  • Information modelling to analyse and specify the relationships among data elements and the relationships between the data and the business objects they represent. (UML, ER)
  • Create consistent definitions for elements of data according to international standards (ISO/IEC 11179, ISO/IEC 61360).
  • Draft business rules that express the dependencies and conditions in the relationships between data elements.
  • Data dictionary management to enable creation, maintenance and publication of complex, extensive sets of data elements.

All this in close cooperation with those working with the data and those responsible for the business processes using the data.