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Data Quality Step 2 - Cleansing The Data

Cleansing data is done in stages. First compare the existing data to the standards created in step 1. Identify instances that do not conform. Then determine what corrections need to be applied to the data. Finally update the operational data with the approved changes.

This work should be done on a copy of the data outside the operational systems. Updates to the operational data can only be applied when the proposed changes have been evaluated and approved by those responsible for the operational data.

What I Can Do

  • Compare the operational data with the standards.
  • Identify deviations from the standards.
  • Identify duplicates and redundant data.
  • Determine proposed changes.

This can be time consuming work for which normal operating resources have insufficient capacity.

The work is done in close cooperation with those working with the data and those responsible for the business processes using the data.