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Who Is Andrew Black?

I live in The Netherlands near Eindhoven. My mother tongue is English and I work through both English and Dutch.

I enjoy defining things precisely and using formal systems like information modelling.

When first working on data dictionaries at Philips Corporate I was in awe of the vision that all data in the corporation could be systematically defined. It seemed like a dream of building a model of the universe. Of course in practice projects have a more limited scope than the whole universe. A project to define all the data elements that describe a company's products usually provides challenge enough.

Philips saw the value of putting resources into the creation of international standards. When I took the initiative to become involved in EDIFICE it was fully supported by my management. UN/EDIFACT, the international standard for EDI was in its early years. EDIFICE was formed as a user group in the electronics industry to promote the implementation of EDI in trade along the electronics manufacturing supply chain. As well as being elected to the functions of Secretary and Treasurer, I was involved in various work groups. I played a part in the design of the business process for self-billing and in the design of a framework for specifying inter-enterprise business processes and their implementation using EDI messages.

After a long period working on policy and standards development at Philips Corporate it was time to get closer to practical implementation of standards. So I moved to the IT department of Philips Semiconductors (later to become NXP) and was soon appointed to the position of Information Standards Manager. This enabled the establishment of a small team that eventually became responsible for Information Architecture as part of the Enterprise Architecture group.

The data standards expertise of the team was extensively used in implementation of both internal (EAI) and external (B2B) messaging, in standardisation of the full extent of product data to enable publication to customers in a variety of electronic formats and in master data cleansing projects.

Despite confrontations with demands for pragmatism and quick solutions, I remain convinced that methods such as the standardisation of data and information and the development of information models and architectures provide part of the foundation for the well designed, efficient information systems that are needed if businesses are to operate profitably.


2013-to dateProprietor of Andrew Black - Data Quality
Assignments include:
Data Specialist at EBPI / Inology, The Hague
OAGIS Consultant at Essent, 's Hertogenbosch
1998-2010Philips Semiconductors, NXP Semiconductors, Eindhoven, Information Standards Manager
1986-97Philips International, Corporate Automation, Eindhoven, Senior Automation Consultant
1983-86Philips Electronics, Dublin, IT Manager
1981-82Hartley Computer, Dublin, Manager
1974-81Coopers & Lybrand, Dublin, Audit Senior, Computer Audit Manager, Manager of Client Computer Services
1973Coopers & Lybrand, Paris, Audit Senior
1972CA, Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
1970BA, Queen’s University, Belfast
1992-96Secretary of EDIFICE
2003-05Treasurer of EDIFICE
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