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Report #3 from a stray climber on the MDM Summit Europe 2016

DAMA CDMP Certification

I got off to a good start at the MDM Summit Europe 2016 conference. I spent Monday in the CDMP Workshop run by Chris Bradley and had the opportunity to take a couple of CDMP exams. Read More...

A Tight Definition For DAMA Metadata

In a previous post I expressed my delight at my discovery of the DAMA DMBOK (1) and my disappointment with the chapter on metadata. This post is an attempt to show the approach to definition of metadata that should, in my opinion, be taken in the DMBOK. At the end a list is shown of all the things that DAMA includes as metadata that would disappear from the chapter if my approach were adopted. Read More...

The DAMA DMBoK and Amorphous Metadata

I feel as though I have discovered a long hidden treasure. I must have been under a rock in the wrong corner of the Internet. Somehow I missed it. My discovery is the DAMA-DMBoK. An abbreviation to savour. ‘The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge’ published by the Data Management Association It is THE big book on data management. In a way, it contains nothing startlingly new. But it is so well ordered, well written, well thought through to consistency that it feels like a treasure. With such treasures in the introduction I was eager to get on into the details and in most chapters I was not disappointed. But I did find a serious flaw in my newfound gem. The DMBoK chapter on metadata management goes off the rails. Read More...