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Report #3 from a stray climber on the MDM Summit Europe 2016

DAMA CDMP Certification

I got off to a good start at the MDM Summit Europe 2016 conference.
CDMP Structure1_0

DAMA International has revamped their Certified Data Management Professional® (CDMP®) exam structure. I spent Monday in the CDMP Workshop run by Chris Bradley and had the opportunity to take a couple of CDMP exams. I had good pass on the DM Fundamental exam at Associate level, so when the paperwork is done I will have CDMP Associate certification. Inspired by my performance in that exam I went on to take the DM Advanced exam and scored a pass on that too. So in the coming weeks I need to take two elective exams and I can achieve CDMP Practitioner certification.

In recent weeks I have put some effort into studying the DAMA DMBOK, so that has paid off.

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